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Content Management is easy when there's ony a few...

Once a website gets over a certain size (approx 10 pages), maintenance becomes... challenging. Adding a simple page can mean altering a menu on many pages. Restructuring a site, moving content from one section to another and making sure everything still works can be a nightmare.

That's when a Content Management System (CMS) comes into it's own. It takes care of the layout, the menus and any scary HTML, leaving you free to get on with creating great content to enlighten and inform your web visitors.

The good news is a CMS needn't be expensive. Open Source software like Wordpress enables the job to be done quickly and economically. The main program is free, you pay only for the set up and admin work.

Beyond Wordpress there is Drupal - on which this site is created.

There is also Typo3 - which powers Natspec.

R.G. Stones (Buildings)

R G Stones Modular Buildings
R G Stones website started off as a relatively simple basic site but as it grew and the need for expandibility and ease of editing became more important, theĀ  decison was taken to move it to a CMS platform. Wordpress is the software which powers this site which shows off R G Stones's mobile modular buildings to great effect.

An interesting feature is the "Design Your Own" spot which allows site visitors to try out the effect of different wall colours etc.

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The Association of National Specialist Colleges represents nearly 80 independent colleges who provide further education for young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

This site features a full directory of members, news, job vacancies, bespoke College Finder, blogs, Google maps etc. This website is built on the Typo3 platform.

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