E-Commerce Websites

Harness the Potential of the Global Marketplace

So, you’ve got stuff to sell… why not sell it on-line?

The high street may be full of woes but the growth of on-line sales continues apace. E-commerce offers benefits to consumers and businesses alike. The always-on nature of the internet means your customers can shop with you at a time to suit them – your virtual salesroom will be working, generating interest, taking orders and money, even as you sleep.

Kelly Badges e-commerce website by Jewelion
Ian G Kelly Militaria

Setting up an e-commerce website is more involved than a standard site. There are more criteria to be considered: payment handling, postage/courier charges. It is helpful to have someone who has been through the process many times. With our experience of setting up e-commerce sites of many types, Jewelion Web Design can smooth your path to online retail success,

There are many packages out there to enable you to sell on-line. Having written our own e-commerce programs and having set up and maintained a number of different ready-made packages, Jewelion Web Design is ideally suited to make recommendations based on real, hands-on experience.

Our current favourite e-commerce solution is Prestashop. It has a fresh modern feel. It performs well. It is actively being developed with improvements and new features being introduced all the time. As it is Open Source we can modify it to behave in exactly the way you would like.