Sky Guitars (intro)

July 30, 2018

Around about the beginning of June I received a phone call asking if I could help complete a website for someone who is selling guitars online. Naturally I was intrigued and arranged a meeting at the earliest opportunity.

That person turned out to be Uli Jon Roth. Sky Guitars is the website I have helped him create.

A project with a difference.

Unusually for me I came into the project part way through its gestation, so a number of aspects were already fixed. Whereas some web developers would view this as potentially problematic, I welcomed the opportunity to learn from the approach of my predecessor whilst hoping that I would be able to bring the benefits of my rigorous and thorough way of working to the finished website.

Now the site is “finished” and running live, I’m pleased to be able to report that both of my main ambitions were met. I learned a great deal about the capabilities of modern WordPress themes and I have ensured that the work I have done has been carried out in the correct way so it will continue to function beyond and through any foreseeable updates and alterations.

In the beginning.

I was presented with the following:

  • Website: runs on WordPress

  • Site theme: Flatsome

  • Catalogue: WooCommerce but no direct sales

  • Uli: to generate the text, images and videos and, using UX Builder, place them on the page.

  • Me: to facilitate all of the above, making tweaks or more major alterations as necessary to enable Uli’s vision to be made manifest on the website.

To be continued…