Brief, colourful and to the point

One-page websites are ideal for businesses who need to communicate a few basic facts to their customers. If you are using your website as a means of getting potential customers to contact you, you may find a single page is all you need.

Here are some

RJK Bouncy Castles One page website by Jewelion
RJK Bouncy Castles

RP Tackle one page website by Jewelion
RP Tackle

KC Antiques one page website by Jewelion
KC Antiques

One page websites should contain the following pieces of information:

  • Your business name and address. It is a legal requirement that business websites publish the business name and an address where they can be contacted.

  • Your telephone number(s). Many people still prefer to talk rather than email or fill out an online form. A landline and/or mobile number will be most welcome.

  • Pictures. You may have a logo. If you make, manufacture or repair items then photographs of what you do would be great. Photographs should be good but they need not be professional. There is a school of thought that holds that slightly amateur images feel more genuine, coming directly, as it were, from the owner rather than the applied artificial gloss of a studio. One page websites also benefit from pictures of yourself and/or your premises.

  • A description of what you do, how long you have been doing it.

  • A mention of any qualifications

  • Membership of any trade bodies or associations. Such associations usually have logos which you can use on your website to help promote your services.

To enhance your one page websites you should also link to your Facebook business web page as well as your Twitter account. Consider a YouTube account for your business as well as one of the photo upload services like Flickr.

One heretofore unmentioned advantage of one page websites is that in setting out all your information in a single page there will be enough text to act as compelling and key-word rich content.

Blogging services are available for free - you can get one from Google amongst others. By linking one page websites to and from your Blog account as you describe various business activities you are involved in you can create a rich and interconnected experience for your visitors. Plus you make it exceedingly likely that a search for your area of business in your locality will rank your site very near the top in any of the Search Engines.