Prestashop eCommerce Websites

Why Prestashop?

Prestashop is open source software used for E-Commerce.

Prestashop is a fully featured e-commerce solution which is more than capable of meeting the needs of an online retailer. Whether your store has just a few products or many thousands, I would recommend you add Prestashop to the shortlist of potential candidates.

Prestashop takes care of the layout, the categories, the stock levels, customer communication and credit card transactions, leaving you free to get on with creating interesting content about your products to enlighten and inform your web visitors. All of which, if done correctly, should enhance your position on Google and lead to all-important sales.

An Example Prestashop Site

Kelly Badges is a great success story. From small beginnings, this now website generates many thousands of visits per day. It is fair to say that it has surpassed all expectations both in its performance and reach.

Open Source software like PrestaShop enables the job to be done quickly and economically. The main program is free, you pay only for set up and admin work.

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