Why WordPress

WordPress is open source software used for Content Management. You can use it to create a website, blog or app. 29% of the web uses WordPress, everything from individual blogs to large online news sites. The way it looks can be altered with custom themes. The things it does can be enhanced with plug-ins, making it capable of just about anything. Your imagination is the only limit.

Once a website has more than a few pages, maintenance becomes challenging. Adding just one page means changes to menus on many pages... a nightmare.

WordPress takes care of the layout, the menus and any scary HTML, leaving you free to get on with creating great content to enlighten and inform your web visitors.

An Example Site

Natspec is a website created by Jewelion. Having worked with their in-house designer we created the theme files and styles to reflect their vision. We make sure the underlying software is kept up to date. We maintain and update the theme. We source or create any plugins that are required to keep the site working smoothly as its capabilities are continually enhanced. Its content is kept up to date by Natspec staff after receiving brief training.

Natspec responsive website by Jewelion
Natspec: The voice of specialist further education

Open Source software like WordPress enables the job to be done quickly and economically. The main program is free, you pay only for set up and admin work.

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