A Good Thing?

Jewelion: wildcard on https

Never being ones to let the grass grow under their feet, jewelion.com has had an SSL certificate for a long time now. More years than we care to remember. Right from the start when we first started hosting eCommerce sites we decided that SSL was A Good Thing™. Back then each SSL protected site had to have its own IP address - due to the way the https protocol then worked.

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Or watching the watchers. Many people who are in charge of specifying websites stipulate that the finished product should be W3C compliant. Sometimes, if accessibility is a priority then there may be a couple of other tests to pass. That’s all very well and good - we’re all in favour of standards. Standards are what allow our websites to be viewed by people on their phones, tablets and laptops using Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

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Markdown - Speedy Indeedy

Sometimes when you’re typing you need to do just that. Type, let the words flow without having to stop and lift your hands to grab the mouse, I don’t know, to maybe click here or there to italicise this word or embolden the other. OK - most people know about CTRL+I and CTRL+B; you do, don’t you? But beyond that, wouldn’t it be great if you could insert a heading with the same ease?

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