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It’s one one the oldest tricks in the book. “I know what you’ve been up to. Leave £50 in used notes in a plain brown paper envelope behind the pipes in the men’s cloakroom on Shrewsbury station and we’ll say no more about it. If you don’t then I’ll tell all your friends and colleagues just what you’ve been doing.” Here’s an email I got recently, apparently from M****lle D***s (aussie********@yahoo.

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SEO: Slash and 301 Redirect

Even when you think you’ve got everything covered it always pays to keep a check on your Webmaster Tools. Sometimes you can gain a surprising insight into how things are going, or not. An interesting feature in the new Google Search Console (beta) under Index coverage allows you to see, amongst other information, Excluded Pages. A recent visit to Google Wemaster Tools threw up the fact that Jewelion.com had 22 excluded pages!

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