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Latest Posts from the Blog

An occasional series of musings about the world wide web and the wide world beyond the web.


on June 13, 2017

Or watching the watchers. Many people who are in charge of specifying websites stipulate that the finished product should be W3C compliant. Sometimes, if accessibility is a priority then there may be a couple of other tests to pass. That’s all very well and good - we’re all in favour of standards. Standards are what allow our websites to be viewed by people on their phones, tablets and laptops using Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

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Prestashop vs Magento

on June 12, 2017

Who is the strongest? Who is the best? I have been through a few e-Commerce solutions in my time. I have toiled at the cliff face of Actinic when it was based on Perl. I have rolled my own shopping carts in Perl and PHP. I have dallied in the dystopic realms of osCommerce and swam in the waters of Zen Cart. And finally, having tried them both, I plump for Prestashop in preference to Magento.

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Markdown - Speedy Indeedy

By Julian Stokes on June 11, 2017

Sometimes when you’re typing you need to do just that. Type, let the words flow without having to stop and lift your hands to grab the mouse, I don’t know, to maybe click here or there to italicise this word or embolden the other. OK - most people know about CTRL+I and CTRL+B; they do, don’t they? But beyond that, wouldn’t it be great if you could insert a heading with the same ease?

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Back to the Future

By Julian Stokes on June 10, 2017

New (Old) Ways of Working Being in the business of creating websites for other people means that it’s sometimes easy to overlook the mess in ones own back yard! It’s with this in mind that I have made use of a few spare minutes to start to put together a new site for Jewelion using some of the latest & greatest techniques. These days it’s very easy, too easy some might say.

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